It's your road, and yours alone.

My dream is to build The World Within, an organization to unite the world’s heroes under one flag as a "headquarters for humanity" that gives every individual the tools for global change-making. We believe finding the best people in the world to solve the biggest problems of the world through designing and shipping solutions.

Most of us do good in our own circles, yet we don't know how to initiate change around the globe. The goal of the World Within is to bring the best people in the world together- doctors, engineers, coders, entrepreneurs, teachers, + more- and unite them in an "army for good" to solve the real challenges we face as a species such as water, poverty, energy, education, and healthcare. 

We don't want people who just subscribe to newsletters. We don't want bureaucracy or politics. We don't care who gets the credit. We want to solve problems, earth's preferably, since it is the only home we have (unless Elon Musk changes that). 

We want to make non-profits more transparent and governments more innovative, while empowering businesses to be more meaningful, and informing individuals to be more aware and powerful. If we are going to do this, it's going to take all of us from every sector, society, skill-set, and perspective. 

Our bet is that we can make building and shipping water filters as easy as building a photo-sharing app. The best and brightest are already building and scaling solutions, and if we can channel that human capital to add value to our priorities as a species, we can provide them with the tools to make moving mountains as easy as making memes. 

Changing the world is not easy, but it should be easy to get into. 

We're here to make a heaven out of earth, and have a hell of a good time doing it. 

Carpe Diem,
Rostam Zafari