My grandmother asks my grandfather for a dollar
when she plays the lottery, claiming he’s a better person 
than she is and therefore it’s more likely that God 
will give it to him.  She will use the money to buy 
one apartment for me (which she volunteers to watch) 
and another for my twin brother (if he learns manners). 
For my artistic cousin with the long legs and perfect 
nose- the only in the family- she will pay for the production 
of his first film, and for the only girl among the grandchildren,
she will pay for medical school and a pair of sapphire earrings. 
For the other three grandsons, she'll cover graduate school 
(PhDs only). She will give every cleaning lady 
or construction worker who comes to the house 
along with every doctor or dentist she sees 
more chocolate and bigger gift cards than she does now. 
Every homeless person and beggar will get a $50 dollar bill 
from her instead of the regular $5. This tells you something 
about my grandmother and everything about my grandfather.